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Pablo and Manuela Escobar: biographies and interesting facts

It's already 25 years since the famous Colombian gangster Pablo Escobar is dead. What happened to his wife and children? What today lives Manuela Escobar - the daughter of Pablo? Could she and her brother Huang be settled in life? Before telling about today's day of this famous family, let's remember who Pablo Escobar was.

Portrait of the "cocaine king": a hero or a criminal?

Twenty-three years ago, the authorities of Colombia, together with Interpol, eliminated the most influential representative of the criminal world - the largest drug baron, a Colombian by birth, Pablo Escobar. He went down in history as one of the most violent criminals of the 20th century, not only on the scale of Colombia, but all over the world. He did not stop at anything: he killed judges, congressmen, officials, journalists and prosecutors, he could organize hijackings and bombings of planes, take hostages of civilians, and execute executions of people who were not welcome to him. At the same time, he became a real hero for many destitute Colombians, Robin Hood, in whom they sought protection and salvation.

The deeds of Escobar

He was originally from Medellin. Here they know him from the very childhood and are familiar with his true face, saw his brutal showdown, war with the authorities, etc. Later, he was called El-Patron, because he created the largest drug cartel in the world. Despite his criminal activities, Forbes magazine included him in the list of the richest people on the planet, where he ranked seventh in the ranking. It is believed that his condition was estimated at $ 25 billion. It followed that Juan and Manuela Escobar - the children of Pablo - were among the richest heirs in the world.

A family

Did the fabulous state bring happiness to his family? After he was gone, his wife was left alone with two underage children, Manuela and Juan. The family was constantly attacked both by the authorities (all their property was confiscated), and those who suffered from the father of the family. They received constant threats, lived in fear, and so the widow decided to leave the country to protect her children. But where? Most of the neighboring states denied them asylum. Argentina was the only country that agreed to accept the family and provide shelter to children, whose only fault was the blood of the "bloody" drug lord in their veins.

Manuela Escobar - daughter of the "cocaine king"

She was born in 1984 in Texas (USA). It is said that the girl enjoyed a special disposition of her father. He called her his little princess and very spoiled her. She reciprocated and just loved her father. After moving to Buenos Aires, the mother changed her name and surname. Henceforth she was called Juan Santos, and few knew that she was Manuela Escobar, the daughter of that same Pablo. Thanks to the efforts of her mother, she was able to completely evade the curious eyes of the public. Of all the archives her photographs were seized. She became a ghost girl.


Manuela Pablo Escobar (in Colombia the father's name becomes the second daughter's name) was a very capricious girl, and when she wanted something very much, she sought her way. So, one day she asked the father of a winged unicorn. When he said that it was impossible, she began to be capricious, eventually Pablo ordered a stapler to attach a cone to the horse's head, and to the back - wings. The girl was delighted, but the horse soon died because of the infection in the body. Eyewitnesses say that the tooth fairy "gave" her a suitcase with 1 million dollars, when she dropped the first milk tooth.

A faithful and generous dad

Pablo had many mistresses, but he strictly forbade them to become pregnant and give birth, because he wanted to keep his daughter's promise: Manuela Escobar will always be his only beloved daughter. For the sake of his children he did not regret anything. His son, Juan, said that one day they fled the government and hid somewhere in the mountains, on a farm owned by his father. It was very cold, and Manuela trembled and cried. Then Pablo pulled out a bundle of dollars from the cache and began to burn them to keep the children warm. That night, Escobar burned banknotes worth $ 2 million.

Father's yearning

As already noted, the girl was only 9 years old when her father died. Before that, about one and a half years, she was deprived of the opportunity to see her beloved father. It is said that she could not part with some personal items from her father's wardrobe. For example, the shirt that Pablo took off from himself before his death. And Manuela Escobar for a while put her on before going to bed and did not allow her to be washed.
The girl also kept a scrap of his mustache under the pillow. After she, her mother and brother fled first to Mozambique, and from there they crossed to Argentina, where they were given political asylum, the family of the famous criminal lived very modestly in a small apartment in the sleeping area of ​​the Argentine capital. She attended an ordinary school, she had no servants, no driver, to which she was accustomed from birth. Juan-Manuela also studied music, sang in the choir. In the classroom, no one suspected that she was the daughter of the same Pablo Escobar.

Life after father

When she was 16, Manuela Escobar, who had not worn this name for a long time, remained completely alone, because her brother and mother were arrested. They were suspected of illegally laundering money, falsification, forgery of documents. It was also said that Maria Isabel Santos - Pablo's wife - managed to finally meet her husband's associates in Uruguay and get some of the money they had looted from them.
The woman and her son were imprisoned for a year and a half, but they were released in the absence of sufficient evidence of their guilt. However, this incident drew public attention to their family. And everyone started talking about them again. It was said that Manuela Escobar might have inherited some part of his father's condition, of which no one knew anything. According to rumors, it could be real estate in different countries of Latin America, some jewelry, and maybe a round sum somewhere in Switzerland.


At the age of sixteen, Manuela finally found out what her beloved daddy really was doing, and was amazed. After all, until now everything was hidden from her. Of course, she did not want to believe it, she has the warmest memories of her father - the kindest and most magnanimous person in the world.
After that, she practically stopped going out, dropped out of school. But the mother wanted the girl to get a good education, and hired private teachers for her. Since then, nothing has been heard about her, she wished to remain in the shadows. And her brother, on the contrary, began to actively engage in social activities.

Princess "Sadness"

In 2007, Argentine journalist José Castagno was able to persuade the family of the "cocaine king" to talk with him and share memories of her husband and father. They even invited him to spend some time with them in their house. According to his stories, he saw Manuela, but in passing, she did not want to make contact. According to him, "she was surrounded by a halo of sadness and sadness." He was impressed and decided to write a book about her, but not about the present, but about the past.

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Technical analysis of the market of the cryptocurrency 26.03.2018

Bitcoin The dynamics of bitcoin ( Bitcoin ), observed in recent days, clearly demonstrates the lack of ideological tendencies. Sellers and buyers periodically intercept each other's initiative, which leads to local protsgovke in a narrow range. At the Asian session on Monday, bitcoin stayed just below the level of $ 8,400, raising the chances for the effectiveness of sales.
In addition, on the side of the bears is the fact that the price is under the long-term moving average of EMA200, developing down the Alligator line, as well as negative MACD. At the same time, a market on which there is no fundamental driver can at any moment turn to growth, it is only necessary to change the mood. In such a situation, we recommend using tactics of trading on the breakdown, placing a SellStop order at $ 8210. If the price passes support level $ 8215, the corrective impulse may be enough to return to the area $ 7750. 

Dash Quotes
Dash ( DASH / USD ) over the weekend have updated the price high since mid-March, reaching $ 435. This milestone was a key level, on the achievement of which we recommended to get out of short positions . Over the last trading day, the situation has changed.

The pair DSH / USD, faced with active sales, fell below EMA25, EMA50 and EMA200 and, with the support of the consolidating below zero MACD, again claims to return to $ 350. Given the current technical picture, preference is still better to give sales. However, in order to open new positions, we recommend waiting for the consolidation of prices at a 100-percent Fibonacci level, located at $ 365. 

The ether ( ETH / USD ) is down following the whole crypto-currency market. By 11:00 Moscow time, the ETHUSD pair is just one step away from the breakdown of the psychological bar in $ 500. Given the significance of this mark, as well as the fact that the activity of the bears on it has already repeatedly come to naught, with the opening of new positions, we recommend not taking the time.

Those who still want to take risks, you can look at sales from $ 490 to $ 430. Since this idea is more like an attempt to catch a corrective impulse, the trading volume should not exceed 20% of the ordinary worker.

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Who can become a YouTuber?

Today we all have smartphone with video cameras and can record a video in whatever situation. Many people take advantage of this easy technology and publish their videos on YouTube also hoping to make some extra $$$ on this. But what are real factors that will make you a successful youtuber? I think that you have to upload 1. Or something very new and very interesting; 2. Or something cute (kitties or puppies playing); 3. Or something very stupid. In fact, one of the most popular and rich YouTubers, PewDiePie, make extremely stupid videos, which I personally, do not have patience to watch :). So here comes my main conclusion:  in order to be successful on YouTube, you need to make something really , really stupid! Most stupid people don't have better things to do other than watch video's. They won't probably watch a video corse of European History, but PewDiePie's channel for sure!  Therefore, if you don't tend to think of yourself as of a stupid person, the best you can do to have many views is to come up with something very new and exciting that others just don't show OR .... just film your kitty playing :)

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Is it possible to earn on Bitcoins?

The whole system of cryptography is created in such a way that new Bitcoins are created at a fixed speed. This allows miners to create a very competitive business, because the greater the number of accomplishers joining the market, the more difficult it will be to profit. Therefore, players must look for new options to reduce operating costs. And since the whole system is decentralized, none of the users can control or manipulate the system to increase its revenue. Thus, the participants have a chance to earn money on cryptography, but rely on it as a single source of income is not worth it.

You can earn on Bitcoins in several ways: with the help of landing, speculation (operations with exchanges and Bitcoin sales) or launching your business project. These methods can be cost-effective and competitive, but they do not provide a guarantee of stable earnings. Profit requires a strategy and sovereign risk assessment.

The total number of possible Bitcoins is known beforehand. They can be strictly no more than 21 million, three quarters of which have already been mined, and the remaining will be extracted for the next 150 years. This means that, let's say, if you have 1000 BTC, then this is one twenty thousandth share of all Bitcoins, including those that will be extracted in the foreseeable future. With normal currencies, this does not work: let's say if someone has a billion dollars, then this does not mean anything, because FED can print a few more green papers.

What is the cost of Bitcoins determined?As in any market, Bitcoin's value is determined by demand and supply. The more people enter the game, the more valuable the currency becomes. Since the number of Bitcoins is limited, sooner or later demand will follow the level of inflation to maintain its value. Nevertheless, the Bitcoin market is still relatively small, so this creep currency is characterized by high volatility. Now more and more participants are appearing in the system, which ensure Bitcoin's high price on the market. At the moment 1 Bitcoin = 13,000 USD.

How Bitcoins Are Legal?The legal status of Bitcoin varies according to different territories. In most countries, the law does not prohibit transactions with cryptic currencies. For example, in countries such as the USA and Germany Bitcoins fall under the jurisdiction and have their own taxation. In other countries, there are restrictions on operations with foreign currencies, so officially crypto foreign currency is considered outside the legal field (Russia, Thailand). In our country, this issue is also unclear. Despite the fact that the Bitcoin law is not prohibited in Belarus, there is no legal field for using this currency. This means that any calculations by the Bitcoins on the territory of Belarus for individuals and legal entities carry risks, therefore, all responsible.

Is it possible to hack Bitcoin?
Bitcoin technology is one of the world's largest distribution computing projects. It includes protocols and cryptography with a high level of security. However, users are one of the most vulnerable. Fraudsters can take advantage of the inattention of the participants, for example, by copying the recipient's address by modifying only a few points. In this way, the money will be transferred to another address or, for example, when the user himself loses the key from his Bitcoin wallet. In this case, it will be impossible to return or restore this key somehow.

Still, it's worth noting that it's impossible to crack the Bitcoin code itself, because it's impossible to change the bitcoin protocol. Any program that does not comply with generally accepted rules will not be able to impose its rules on other users. Thanks to this code, some double expenses in the same chain of blocks are impossible, as well as a waste without proper signature. That is why it is impossible to create an inadequate number of Bitcoins from the air, damage the network or spend someone else's money.

Investing in Bitcoins
Today, Bitcoin is the world's largest cryptographic company, attracting the attention of businessmen and business people. Investors who have invested in digital currency in time are already getting good dividends in comparison with investments in traditional currencies. And since we already know that the total number of Bitcoins is limited, the demand and price for one copy only grows.

There are two ways to develop investments in Bitcoin:Buying a certain number of Bitcoins for real money and expectations of raising the rate;Trading on the stock exchange. Here it is similar to the principles of currency trading on the Forex exchange.The main risks of investments in Bitcoins are connected with the system of work of the cryptovolume. By studying the course schedule, you can trace some trends. For example, the first sharp increase in the rate occurred in 2013, which prompted users to buy Bitcoins. Since the price itself is formed by demand for goods, the reason for the price changes is the participants themselves. For example, users may lose confidence in Bitcoin, and its price will fall. Therefore, all investments in crypto-currency should be considered in the long run.